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My name is Lourie Swimm and this is my story

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3

An Idea Is Born

I have worked for more than a decade as a Family Nurse Practitioner and loved every minute of that time. In the first 5 and a half years of practice, I worked in a rural community providing primary care services. I grew very close to my patients and have contact with several of them still.

As health care changed and the expectation to see more and more patients in the same amount of time grew, I became weary of that pace. Trying to manage chronic illness and all that entails in a 15-minute time slot while trying to keep my patients well and happy was nearly impossible. After much soul searching and knowing I wanted to do more procedures I switched gears and began doing Urgent Care. I did that for 4.5 years before opening my own clinic.

While working at a clinic on Oahu, I learned of open access primary care and knew instantly it would work for me and my patients.  The most common remark I hear daily in my practice (for those folks that are lucky enough to actually have a primary care provider) is that they cannot get in to see their provider when they need to. "I called my doctor today for this sore throat but they couldn't see me for 2 days and told me to go to Urgent Care." Seeing this happen regularly for  years and knowing I could do better, I decided to go into business for myself and offer health care to all with small wait times.  Quality health care on your time. Over the last several years as my practice has grown, I have had to change the model somewhat. In order to provide each patient with a quality experience, we now require scheduled appointments for patients needing behavioral health services and chronic disease management.

I'm very excited to continue this journey with all of you and it's my heart's desire to provide the best possible care in an environment that fosters a partnership approach between me and the patients I serve.  I look forward to meeting you, discussing your health care needs, and hopefully being able to care for you in this new setting.  Open access primary care has never been tried in Maine, I am the first,  so join with me and let us blaze new trails together. Let's show other states what cost-effective, quality health care looks like when we dare to break the mold.

My Path in Healthcare

I decided I wanted to go into healthcare in 1987 after working for a dentist and loving that job. Working with dental instruments got me thinking about what I could get for an education that would not require a long time commitment. I was a single parent of a 4 year old son and needed to work.

I chose to be a surgical technologist and got my education at Maine Medical Center in Portland in 1988-89. I worked for 6 years in this field knowing all along that I wanted more.

In 1993 before my youngest child turned a year old, I decided to go to nursing school and started taking 2 night classes.

In 1996 I graduated with my ADN from SMTC and went to work full time as a nurse on a Med/Surg unit.

My career has spanned several decades and afforded me the opportunity to experience many different types of nursing. Throughout the years, regardless of what type of nursing I was doing, I always knew I wanted more. I kept challenging myself to learn more and find new ways to improve myself both professionally and personally. 

My nursing experience includes OR, ER, Med/Surg, Peds, Labor and Delivery, PACU, Telemedicine, Home health and Hospice.  Each new experience challenged me and offered an opportunity for professional growth. In 2005, while being a single mother of 2 children and working full time, I went back to school to get my Bachelors then Masters Degree in Community and Family Nurse Practitioner from Husson University. 

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